Emergency Care Assistance

Elder Care Services, Doctors, Health Care Professionals, Nursing Service Professionals, Diagnostics and Pharmacy, Physiotherapy Services, Bedside attendants, Post Operative care, Pregnant women care and New Born Baby care and More …

Emergency Care Assistance

Emergency Situations where specialized medical care is required with more attention need to be addressed on top priority. Skilled people are required to handle emergency situations with equipment and a cool mind. They must analyze how to handle the situation and follow the steps required. In a medical emergency every second counts.

Ambulance Assistance

Svastha Care has teamed up with Ambulance Service Providers all over Telangana. We have an ambulance fleet with PTA (Patient Transportation Ambulance Vehicle ), BLS (Basic Life Support Ambulance Vehicle), ALS (Advanced Life Support Ambulance) and all other required emergency services.

Other Emergencies

We make arrangements for other than Medical Emergencies also, Emergency like attending a Funeral need to be addressed on top priority. We understand your need and arrange assisted visiting to the place.