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Svastha Care

Svastha care provides round the clock services and 24/7.

Our Idea is not new but it is required for many Elder Parents whose Children are away from them in other places and are worried as they are not able to take care of their Old aged Parents. Children who are with them but not able to spend time due to their busy schedule are also much worried.

It may be a regular work at home, Cooking, Home cleaning, Washing clothes, going out to attend a Family function, or for a Doctors Consultation. Many things may alarm you repeatedly in your busy schedule.

Don’t Worry we are Here to help you

Svastha Care provides many services which are very essential for your elder parents. We have many services which will free you from worry. You can safely rely on Svastha to take care of your Elder Parents.

Your Parents have taken care when you are a kid, Now Don’t think you are not able to take care. Give us an Opportunity Svastha will take care of them in your Absence.

We are a Phone Call Away...

We have many services just a phone call away. Our enrolment process is very easy and we help you to complete it with ease.

We are making every thing available at your finger tips right from calling an Agent to track your beloved ones medical records not only that we also assist you in many other things which are necessary for you and your Parents.

We promise we provide many services with an Economical Charge with Quality Service.

Our Services

We are adding many exciting services.... Watch this space for more details.

Elder Care Services
Nursing Services
Events and Outing
Dedicated Agents
  • Medical Checkups
  • Delivery of Medicines
  • Doctors Home Visit
  • Physiotherapist
  • Diagnostic services
  • Bedside Care
  • Dental and Eye Checkup
  • Dietitian Services
  • Home Maintenance
  • Gadgets Installation
  • Food Delivery
  • Cook and Maid Services
  • Grocery Delivery
  • All Home Needs
  • Arranging Transport
  • Arranging Family Events
  • Birthday Events
  • Anniversary Events
  • Outings and Picnics
  • Pooja Arrangments
  • Temple Visits
  • Assisting for Parties
  • Payment of Utility Bills
  • Assisting for Bank Transactions
  • AMBULANCE Services
  • Digital reports saving
  • Non Medical Emergency
  • Adding More…

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